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General information
The MNE2022 Scientific Committee welcome submissions of high quality abstracts for 4 thematically focussed tracks and two workshops/special sessions, related to the conference topics listed below. There are two different submission types:
♦ Oral presentations
♦ Poster presentations
MNE poster papers have equal weight to oral presentations. The Scientific Committee will decide on the final format of presentation.

Instructions for Technical abstract - Industrial Session - Polytec/Konnexxions workshop

Deadline for abstract submission: June 20th, 2022, 24:00 ECT
Acceptance : June 24th,2022

Topics and subtopics
The complete list of the topics for MNE2022 can be found below. For each topic, there is a wide range of subtopics and Special Sessions (PESM, SMND). Please note that you can only select subtopics within one topic. Only the Special Sessions PESM and SMND can be selected apart; papers related to these topics are encouraged to submit under the PESM or SMND tracks.

Topic 1 - Novel Developments in Nano/Micro Fabrication Methods and Processes
► Lithography
► Patterning, including plasma and beam etching (Plasma Etch and Strip for Microtechnology / PESM workshop)
► Materials
► Surface preparation and cleaning
► Computer-aided predictive nanofabrication

Topic 2 - Fabrication and Integration of Micro/Nano Structures in Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems
► Nanofabrication (other than nanopatterning), nanomanipulation, transfer, bonding technology
► “Smart” (multi-)functional surfaces with wetting, optical and/or biological functionality, surface (bio)functionalization for sensing, plasma surface engineering;
► Use of metamaterials, 2D materials into innovative devices, sensors and actuators
► Fabrication and Integration of MEMS/NEMS and nanodevices
► Thermoforming (2D-to-3D shaping), injection molding, soft embossing, 3D nanomanufacturing, microprinting and rapid prototyping, additive microfabrication
► Theory, modelling, simulations, design and integration in MEMS
► Inspection, process control and manufacturability testing
► Packaging, assembly technology and reliability

Topic 3 - Micro/Nano Engineering for Physical and Chemical Applications
► Logic (CMOS, beyond CMOS, interconnects)
► Wireless sensor networks and radio frequency MEMS
► Micro-Power Generation, Energy
► Physical, chemical and biological sensors
► Optics and photonics, plasmonics (including MEMS devices)
► Phononics/acoustics, thermoelectricity (including MEMS devices)
► Superconducting Micro- and Nano-Devices (SMND workshop)
► Nanomagnetism (including MEMS devices), data storage & memory
► Flexible & large area electronics, organic electronics, including sensors and actuators

Topic 4 - Micro/Nano Engineering for the Life Sciences

► Bio-inspired technologies. bio-mimetic surfaces
► Packaging, biocompatibility, degradable-/disposable packaging
► Micro and nano fluidic systems, micro analysis devices and their fabrication
► Processing of nanoparticles: manipulation, sensing, sorting
► Membranes and nanopore technology
► Design, fabrication, recycling of micro-nano devices for life sciences
► Interfacing biomaterials and bio-entities with devices and systems
► New process technologies for life sciences: plasma treatment, beams, etc...
► Applications in health, environmental monitoring, food safety, agrofood, nutrition and agriculture, e-waste reduction, recycling of disposable devices

You have to use this abstract template for submitting your abstract and agree with the iMNEs / MNE2022 Copyright Agreement.

Deadline for abstract submission: June 20th, 2022
Acceptance : June 24th, 2022